Will my plastic surgery be covered by Private Health?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we encounter, unfortunately the answer is not a simple one.

First things first, does your policy include plastic surgery?

It might sound simple, but with over 70,000 health fund policies available in Australia, we don’t blame people for being confused.

Thankfully the government has recognised this confusion and is looking to implement a labelling system for different levels of Health Cover, designed to make the cover inclusions more transparent and easy to follow.

The new system is said to roll out from April 1st 2019, and plastic surgery included.

Another factor which will heavily influence if your private health insurance will cover your plastic surgery procedure is Medicare. Private health funds will come into play and cover all, or a portion of your surgery, if it falls within Medicare requirements.

This is where things can be tricky, but as a basic guide plastic surgery that is 100% cosmetic will not meet any Medicare requirements, and therefore will not be covered by your private health.  Some top-level policies will however cover your surgical garments.

There are many plastic surgery procedures that do fall within Medicare requirements, and if you have any questions at all you are welcome to call 8213 1800 and speak with one of our staff members who can give you some further information.

Alternatively, if you’re further along in your plastic surgery journey you are welcome to book a consultation with one of our Plastic Surgeons who can discuss all this and more in relation to your specific plastic surgery procedure.


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