Finding Your Perfect Match

We’ve all been there, trudging from counter to counter, arms covered in colour swatches from elbow to wrist. With every brand promising miracles, we understand if you’re left feeling a little overwhelmed when shopping for a new foundation.

Never fear, we are here to help! We have compiled a go-to guide for foundation shopping that will leave even the most confused shopper feeling like a pro. 

  1. First things first, find your skin tone. Your skin tone is simply the depth of your skin.
    Most women will have some understanding of where their skin sits on the scale. Whether you fit into a light, medium or dark category is the first step at picking a foundation, as it will help to narrow your options.

An easy way to self-categorize yourself is how your skin reacts with the sun. For example, if the sun is your enemy and you find yourself burnt after just minutes, it’s fair to assume you’re in the ‘light’ category. For those of you with a bit of depth to your skin and are able to get a ‘summertime glow’ you’d be looking in the ‘medium’ category. Those of you who have pigment and a deep colour all year round, you’d be looking at the darker shades.
Keep in mind how your skin changes depending on the season. it’s quite normal for women to have a winter foundation a shade or two lighter than their summer shade.

Pro Tip: If the shade looks ‘chalky’ it’s probably too light and it’s best to go up a shade.

2. Finding your skin tone is just the first step, as it is simply looking at the surface of the skin. When we look a little closer, we can see there is more than just light, medium and dark. No matter how pale or tan we are throughout the year, our skin will always hold an under colour that will not change (the colour that is most prominent after white and brown).

This is known as your undertone, and is also where it is easiest to go wrong when shopping for a foundation. Your skin will fit into one of three categories, being warm (yellowish), cool (pinkish) or neutral, which is somewhere in between (olive).

An easy way to test this is to hold your hand against a piece of paper. What is the predominant colour? If you throw a yellowish tinge your skin is warm, a pinkish/rosy tinge is a cool undertone, and if there is not much difference, or you look a little grey/green, you are more neutral.

Once you’ve decided on your undertone, grab three shades of foundation and blend a swatch down your jaw to your neck. The perfect match will be a shade that disappears into the skin and blends without leaving harsh lines or appearing to sit on top of the skin.

Pro Tip: Ensure you use enough foundation when doing your patch test; a small amount will not be enough to get an accurate idea.

3. Skin type is the last contributing factor that will influence your foundation. It’s not all about finding the perfect shade, but also the perfect consistency and formula for your skin type.

Have you ever wondered why borrowing your friend’s foundation leaves you looking shiny and patchy? That’s perhaps because her ‘dewy look’ foundation is oil based, and clashes with your oily T-Zone! There’s no ‘one size fits all’ formula that works for all skin types, which is why it is important to find the perfect fit for you and your skin.

An oily skin type can be identified with larger pores and feeling greasy/ shiny all over. You may also find that you feel as though you constantly have to reapply your foundation throughout the day. With this skin type, keep clear of oil-based foundations, and try setting liquid foundations with an all over finishing powder.

Dry skin types will generally feel tight and flaky, which may even crack over the winter months. If this sounds like yourself, finding a foundation with hydrating ingredients is important, as well as making sure you moisturize and use a primer before applying foundation.

A combination skin type is a bit of both. Generally, you will have an oily T – Zone (forehead, nose and chin) whilst other areas are a normal to dry type. This can sometimes be tricky, but its best to stay clear of oil based foundations. Instead, you should use an oil control primer on your T-Zone ONLY so as not to dry out the rest of your face (same goes with setting powder).

If you are one of the few people out there with a normal skin type, count yourself lucky. Your skin will be supple and glowing all year round, with no need for special attention!

  1. Finally, to go mineral or not to go mineral? We say yes, every time! It’s time to find your favourite (we’ve found ours) and here’s why:

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and here’s the thing, it’s not a force field. Our skin is semi-permeable, meaning what we put on top, could make its way into the body. Many cosmetic brands contain harsh ingredients and filler products that are harmful. We spend so much time worrying about what we put IN our body we forget we can do just as much damage with what we put ON our body on a daily basis. The right mineral makeup can be the opposite, and actually contain ingredients that are beneficial to your skin! We stock Jane Iredale, a medical grade mineral brand with no added oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. Below is a list of our favourite foundations and what skin type they suit best.

Liquid Minerals: Perfect for Normal to dry skin and contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and co enzyme Q 10.

Glow Time BB Cream: Perfect for normal to dry skin and contains apple extract, a skin smoothing antioxidant.

Pure Pressed Base: Perfect for combination and oily skin, and contains antioxidants such as Pine Bark Extract and Pomegranate Extract which aid in minimising UV damage.

Amazing Base: Perfect for normal to dry skin types, and contains extracts of Sea Minerals (Plankton Extract and Algae Extract) which soothe, nourish and aid in hydration.

Dream Tint: Perfect for all skin types and is formulated with lightweight minerals to help prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

For more information on any of the products mentioned above, call the practice on 8213 1800 and ask to speak with one of our Makeup Artists! If all else fails and you are still feeling like you need a helping hand, we offer complimentary colour matching to one of our Jane Iredale Foundations.

Shop the Jane Iredale Mineral range at

Happy Shopping!


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