Having Plastic Surgery Discreetly

You’ve done it at last!

You’ve made the big decision to have Plastic Surgery and you’ve consulted with a fully trained and qualified Plastic Surgeon!

Now the other decisions start. Do you share this information with your family and or friends? Well, this is really up to you and how comfortable you feel about sharing. There are a few good reasons to share. Firstly, you will probably need some help postoperatively to care for you, perhaps drive or cook. Also, you may need some moral support after the procedure as it can be an emotional journey as well as a physical one.

On the other hand, it’s certainly not necessary to tell anyone. Remember, it’s fine to tell a small white lie to protect your privacy. Or, you can simply say that you are having a medical procedure. Any sick certificate that you require from our surgeons will simply state “medical or surgical procedure” as the reason leave is required.

Make sure with your planning that you have allowed enough time for sufficient healing before returning to work. There are varying recovery times depending on the extent of the procedure, so make sure you check with your surgeon specifically about your procedure as everyone is different. Pushing yourself to return to work or other activities too early can compromise your recovery, so be kind to yourself, allow enough time.

The internet can be an overwhelming source of conflicting information. Always call and speak to your surgeon or our experienced nursing staff first. We provide a 24hr, 7 day a week on call service for all our postoperative patients. Even after hours we are there for you.

Our clinic provides a complimentary camouflage makeup service after any facial surgery. This can be vital in covering up bruising. Nevertheless, despite all your efforts some people may notice that “something is different”. So this can be a great time to change your hair colour, hair style or even your clothes. It will increase your confidence, and give those observant people something else to talk about.

By far the best way to keep your surgery discreet is to strive for natural-looking improvements. If your goal is full facial rejuvenation, consider having dermal fillers or eyelid surgery first, then perhaps a facelift and chin tuck separately, rather than all at once. This will minimize your discomfort and downtime while giving you more gradual – and less noticeable – results.


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