8 things you should know about Lip Fillers

  1. There are different types of lip filler. Some are thick and give structure, some are soft and provide plumpness and others are hydrating and help bring moisture to your lips.
  2. Your lips can be numbed. All lip fillers that we use have local anaesthetic in them so it helps ease any discomfort you may feel. Also we can provide numbing cream prior to treatment or even a full “dental block” that will numb the whole area. Most people find the procedure can be tolerated quite well with just the numbing cream and some ice.
  3. Recovery takes only a day or 2. Most lips swell after treatment, so often the first day or two your lips will be bigger than you expect. This is perfectly normal and settles quickly. There may be a little bit of bruising, but a good lipstick will usually cover this.
  4. The procedure is very precise. Our Injectors use small amounts of product and step back often to make sure they are creating a symetrical look that is balanced. It is important that the proportions of the upper and lower lip are considered when injecting – so even though you might only want some filler in your upper lip – you might end up with some in your lower lip as well. But, your injector will explain all this to you in your free consultation
  5. The Injections last for about 6 months. This depends on which product is used. However if you really don’t like your lips we can dissolve the product for you, but we rarely have to do this, most people love their new look.
  6. Not all lips are created equally. People with naturally thin lips will not get the same results as someone with fuller lips. It is important to understand what can be achieved with the lips you have. It is not as simple as saying I want her lip look!!
  7. Not all of the filler goes into your lips. I know that sounds strange, but it is true. For some looks (and some lips) it is important to place filler also into lip lines (that stops that pesky lipstick bleeding that happens when you get older) or sometimes the corners of the mouth may need a little filler to turn a sad face into a happy one. Once again all important discussions to have with your injector.
  8. Lip fillers need to be prescribed by a doctor. That is why at Adelaide Plastic Surgery you will see one of our Plastic Surgeons prior to  your first treatment (and yearly) to ask any extra questions you may have.

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